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Hi my name is Travis Melvin! I have been a type one diabetic since 2009 and recently started NYGD as a way to connect with other diabetics and hopefully educate others about the everyday lives of people with type one diabetes.

Like most people I was deathly ill when I was diagnosed and couldn’t believe that a healthy person like me could have diabetes. With much help and support I got used to the idea and diabetes became part of my everyday routine. Today I’m 20 and I’m happy to report I’ve adjusted well to my new lifestyle. Diabetes certainly has been a life changing ride but like most of you out there it’s made me a stronger, more disciplined person.  NYGD is my first step into the blogging world and type one diabetes is certainly something I’m very passionate about. I always try to create great content that other diabetics can relate to and hopefully find some humor in. I truly appreciate everyone who reads my blog and encourage interaction.

Apart from being a diabetic I’m a senior marketing major at Mays Business School at Texas A&M in College Station Texas. I’m working hard to chase down my dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur and learning many life lessons as I go. Like any good Texan I enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and country music. I sincerely hope you enjoy what NYGD has to offer welcome any feedback.

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